NEXTStep Martial Arts in Fairfield and Gettysburg, PA is much more than just a martial arts school; it’s a family oriented community dedicated to helping you “Take Next Step in Your Life.”

NEXTStep Martial Arts features revolutionary programs for people of all ages that are focused on character development and life-skills education.

Our enthusiastic and caring instructors and staff members believe in traditional martial arts values such as respect, perseverance, discipline and commitment.  We balance our teachings with progressive and innovative methods to help you succeed in life.

NEXTStep Martial Arts offers an environment that is fun, safe and challenging. We humbly believe it’s the only place you’ll want to come to and the last place you’ll want to leave.


How NEXTStep Martial Arts is UNIQUE

Age Specific Classes

NEXTStep Martial Arts offers 5 different age-specific Martial Arts classes.

  • Little Ninjas (3 & 4)
  • Tiny Tigers (5 & 6)
  • TKD for Kids (7 – 9)
  • Junior TKD (10-12)
  • Teens & Adults (Martial Arts & NEXTStep FIT)

Contract FREE

NEXTStep Martial Arts regular memberships are CONTRACT FREE. We believe students will remain training with us as long as we provide the best instructions and customer service. Last thing we want parents telling their young children is “You have to finish because I signed the contract!”

No Testing Fees

The instructors at NEXTStep Martial Arts believe that the martial arts belts should be earned not PURCHASED. No extra fees. Belt testing is INCLUDED in the monthly membership prior to the black belt levels. NEXTStep Martial Arts students EARN their belts from our quarterly graduation ceremonies.

Student - Instructor Ratio

One of our goals is to provide the BEST Martial Arts instruction. There are 10 Martial Arts Instructors at NEXTStep Martial Arts. No more sitting around and waiting for an instructor’s attention. NEXTStep students will ALWAYS engage with our instructors.

Multiple Workout Areas

The Fairfield location is a 4,000 square feet Martial Arts studio. The recently renovated studio is very modern and family friendly environment. It features two main workout areas, one private lesson room, one After School program room, and 3 bathrooms. This allows us to offer multiple classes.

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