Sarah Nagy

I joined Nextstep when I was just five years old. I wanted to join because my brothers did it. They really motivated me and encouraged me to try it. When I first started I was a little anxious, I was afraid of making mistakes. During some of my first training exercises with Master Jay I ended up making mistakes and got upset and cried. Now I’ve learned that if you make mistakes it’s okay and messing up is not a big deal, you just need to keep trying. I’ve now learned from my mistakes.


I started Taekwondo because it seemed very cool and I wanted to learn all of the kicks and forms. Master Jay, my parents, my brothers, and all the other instructors encouraged me to try it. So I did try it.


When I was five I didn’t really understand a lot of it and didn’t really want to do it when I was little. I was very sensitive about my mistakes. I then realized that mistakes are just opportunities to learn. I still did it though and as I kept doing it I started noticing that Master Jay didn’t really treat me like a little kid anymore. I knew he was getting more serious with me and expected more. So I started doing my best all the time and still had fun while I did the challenging things and everything else.


Master Jay and all the instructors really motivated me and encouraged me to try new things along my journey. I started to realize that the more I took the classes and the more I grew up the harder it became for me to do some of the more complicated things. It became really hard to just memorize two forms. I knew that when you take your black belt test you have to memorize all 12 of them. I thought it was going to be almost impossible to memorize all the forms. When I realized everyone else could memorize them, I knew I could too.


My biggest challenge was actually learning all the kicks and the names of them. It was really hard for me to learn all of the kicks even the really simple kicks because I had to break them down into steps. My accomplishments I am most proud of are how precise my forms are now and how hard I worked to complete all the challenges. My favorite part of training is how much the instructors encourage me. I really appreciate how much they respect their students. They really respect and encourage everyone. Finally I would like to thank all of the instructors and my family for teaching me everything I know. I hope I will continue at Nextstep and learn even more new things. My greatest lesson from Taekwondo is to always try my best with all the things I do.


Taekwondo has taught me this and much more. I will remember my journey always and keep this knowledge with me forever.


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