Trouble getting fit?

Many are held back on their fitness journey because of a mental trap we all sometimes fall into:  “If I can’t get a full, big, hardy workout in, it’s not worth it.”  We keep telling ourselves: Tomorrow I’ll set aside an hour or two.  But sometimes an hour or two is too much to set aside. And so […]

#1 Easiest, Laziest Hack for Achieving Your Goals

  The easiest, laziest, simplest hack I’ve encountered for achieving goals? Surround yourself with other people achieving their goals.  We are social creatures. We blend with the people around us. We become them, they become us.  When you surround yourself with great people – their greatness rubs off on you. And without even trying – […]

Miss Julissa: Retelling her Journey in representing Peru at 2016 Rio Olympic

 When Miss Julissa was a little girl, she dreamed of one day becoming an Olympian. She spent countless hours training and pushing herself to be the best that she could be, always focusing on perfecting her craft. And it certainly paid off: not only did Miss Julissa grow up to represent her country at the […]

The most underrated – and forgotten – parenting tip

 Here at NEXTStep Martial Arts – we’ve had the privilege of helping so many kids grow more Confident, Focused, and Disciplined.Something we’ve learned over the years – that seems very underrated for helping kids soar is:Be the person you want your kids to be. How we live our lives, the choices we make, how we carry […]

5 Reasons Martial Arts is Great for Children

5 Reasons Martial Arts is Great for Children. 1.SELF-CONFIDENCE-With regular practice, your child will gradually become more comfortable with the techniques they are learning and will start to see themselves as someone who is capable of defending themselves. This newfound confidence can spill over into other areas of their life, such as school and social situations. 2. […]


Do you Believe Concentration is important for your children? Concentration is to focus your mental energies on a particular task or goal.When you are concentrated, you are fully present in the moment and completely focused on what you are doing. This can be difficult to achieve in our fast-paced, constantly distracted world.However, concentration is a valuable skill […]

NEXTStep Weekly

Hello NEXTStep Family! Newsletter Released for September 19-25Here are the Happenings for this week:Reminders:📍3rd BLACK TAPE: Students must be able to perform the curriculum according to their own individual abilities. They need to show they can do it on their own while the Instructors are verbalizing what it’s expected. (GIVEN BY INSTRUCTORS IN CLASS)📍*RED TAPE […]

Back to School with Improved Social Skills

 As parents, we want what’s best for our children. We want them to grow up to be happy and successful, and one of the best ways to set them on the right path is to ensure that they have strong social skills. That’s why it’s so important for your child to go back to school […]

Weekly Newsletter

 Check out this week’s highlights and happenings, fam😍 Newsletter Sep 12 – 18 🔍 📌 RED STRIPE FORM LINK: In order to get your belt and certificate, you must complete and submit the Intent to Promote Letter! 📌 Equipment: arm pads, shin-instep, gloves, chest guard. 📌Gettysburg Parade (Oct 25): you can still be part of the team. Practices […]

Back to School with Bully Proof Skills

From the moment your child is born, you want them to be safe and happy. That’s why it makes sense that parents would take steps toward teaching self-defense skills so their kids can stand up for themselves if needed! Parents send their children to martial arts classes for a variety of reasons. Some are looking for an […]