Do you Believe Concentration is important for your children? Concentration is to focus your mental energies on a particular task or goal.When you are concentrated, you are fully present in the moment and completely focused on what you are doing. This can be difficult to achieve in our fast-paced, constantly distracted world.However, concentration is a valuable skill […]

NEXTStep Weekly

Hello NEXTStep Family! Newsletter Released for September 19-25Here are the Happenings for this week:Reminders:📍3rd BLACK TAPE: Students must be able to perform the curriculum according to their own individual abilities. They need to show they can do it on their own while the Instructors are verbalizing what it’s expected. (GIVEN BY INSTRUCTORS IN CLASS)📍*RED TAPE […]

Back to School with Improved Social Skills

 As parents, we want what’s best for our children. We want them to grow up to be happy and successful, and one of the best ways to set them on the right path is to ensure that they have strong social skills. That’s why it’s so important for your child to go back to school […]

Weekly Newsletter

 Check out this week’s highlights and happenings, fam😍 Newsletter Sep 12 – 18 🔍 📌 RED STRIPE FORM LINK: In order to get your belt and certificate, you must complete and submit the Intent to Promote Letter! 📌 Equipment: arm pads, shin-instep, gloves, chest guard. 📌Gettysburg Parade (Oct 25): you can still be part of the team. Practices […]

Back to School with Bully Proof Skills

From the moment your child is born, you want them to be safe and happy. That’s why it makes sense that parents would take steps toward teaching self-defense skills so their kids can stand up for themselves if needed! Parents send their children to martial arts classes for a variety of reasons. Some are looking for an […]

Back to School with Belief in Myself

Every child has unlimited potential. Just think about it: Every single one of us was once a child with our entire lives ahead of us. We all have the ability to dream big and see the world through endless possibilities. However, too often, children lose sight of their own greatness. They allow other people’s opinions to […]

August Belt Graduation Info

August Belief Belt Graduation Information We will be hosting the belt graduation during the regular class times next week on Tuesday and Wednesday. We received numbers of feedbacks regarding the parent sitting situation and other elements that made the belt graduation less enjoyable for family and students.———————Monday, August 84:30pm Tiny Tigers (Regular Class)5:00pm Little Ninjas (3 […]


July 4-July 9 Buddy Week Bring your friend/sibling to your class! Monday, July 4 CLOSED —— Tuesday, July 5 9:00AM Little Ninjas (3 & 4) 4:40PM Taekwondo (7 & up) 5:30PM Tiny Tigers (5 & 6) 6:00PM Leadership 6:20PM Taekwondo (7 & up)  —— Wednesday, July 6 12:00PM NO CLASS 4:30PM Tiny Tigers (5 & […]

NEWSLETTER (6/27/22)

Monday, June 27 4:30pm Tiny Tigers (5 & 6) 5pm Little Ninjas (3 & 4) 5:20pm 7 & Up 6pm Leadership 6:20pm 7 & up REMINDER: NO 7PM HYPER PRO TRAINING DURING THE SUMMER ——- Tuesday, June 28 9am Little Ninjas 4:40pm 7 & up 5:30pm Tiny Tigers 6pm Leadership 6:20pm 7 & up —— […]

NEWSLETTER (6/19/22)

June 20-June 25SUMMER CAMP WEEK 1Please bring: uniform, belt, snack, lunch, drinks, Bo Staff (if you have it), change of clothes—————Class ScheduleMonday, June 20 4:30pm Tiny Tigers (5 & 6) 5:00pm Little Ninjas (3 & 4) 5:20pm 7 & up 6:00pm Leadership 6:20pm 7 & up 7:00pm NO HYPER ——Tuesday, June 21 9:00am Little Ninjas […]