Imagine Your Child Doing… The purpose of this video and our curriculum is to help our children develop emotionally and intellectually so they grow up to be kind, empathetic, resilient, and compassionate adults.  One of the things we are trying to help kids is face the fear that almost all of us have… PUBLIC SPEAKING.    Tanner is […]


One of the leadership team members volunteered to open the class. Public Speech is one of the biggest fears people have including adults. Hannah is becoming a confident and strong future black belt and leader.

NEXTStep Student Creed

– Structure is using discipline to obey what is right and follow the rules. – Emotion is having a positive attitude and a passion for life. – Knowledge is using what we learn in class and how we apply it to all areas of our life. – Legacy is being a leaders and role model […]

Tiny Tigers Creed

Sir/ma’am, I promise to be a good person. We must use knowledge in my mind. Honesty in my heart. Strength in my body. Strength in my body. Strength in my body. To make good friends. To be a good leader. I AM A LEADER!!!


Have a Guilt-Free Time Alone Together with Your PartnerWhile Your Child Enjoys a Fun & Memorable Night with Us! REGISTER HERE Your child will have a safe, exciting, and awesome night they will forever remember! NOTE: Booking is a MUST!   We understand the need for couples, like you, to have some private time with […]

Life and Board Breaking

A Life lesson we hope NEXTStep students to learn from the board breaking is… “You don’t get what you don’t aim at. You might get what you do aim at and your aim might get better as you aim.” The belt graduation is coming up soon.  Let’s teach our children that how important it is […]

PROMOTING Strong Listening Skills in Your Children

Being the kind of parent you want to be requires knowledge, consistency, and a sense of confidence. When you truly know that what you’re doing is the right thing, even in the face of conflict you’ll follow through. One important skill to cultivate in your children is listening. Good communication skills will benefit your children […]

Top 10 Tips for Raising Great Kids

MARTIAL ARTS FOR BOTH CHILDREN AND ADULTS! As parents we all hope that our kids will grow up to be happy, healthy responsible adults, don’t we? It’s important to make a conscious effort to encourage our children to develop qualities such as independence and strong character early in their life that enable them to navigate […]